July 23, 2024

Vrchat is a virtual reality chat where players can use custom avatars and talk in a 3D space.  It was created by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey in August 2016, where it rapidly became popular for its innovative gameplay mechanics.

Since the beginning, it has been rapidly expanding and now has millions of players worldwide. The game has different avatars that are player-made, allowing the character to go wild with customization.

What is VRChat and how does it work?

Vrchat is a game consisting of an avatar, 3D space and chat. It involves players customizing their character’s appearance, equipment etc. in order to play the game. The game allows players to talk to each other in the 3D space which gives it a social aspect allowing for multiple player engagement.

There are different types of equipment that can be bought, allowing the players to alter the statistics of their character.

There are also different areas in Vrchat’s map, giving it many possible gameplays. The game has several active users worldwide who play this virtual reality game every day.

Vrchat is popular for its innovative gameplay mechanics and social interaction. Its huge player base has turned it into a successful game.

It is for people who like having fun and socializing with other players around the world, while at the same time enjoying innovative gameplay mechanics.

How to get started in VRChat?

To start playing in VRChat, you must first create an account. You are then required to download the client for your specific device.  

The client is free of charge and can be downloaded off of Vrchat’s website. Your avatar will appear once you have created it.

It should be noted that avatars are entirely player made and do not affect the gameplay.

The player can choose any avatar they wish as long as it follows the general rules set by the game.

How to create a vrchat avatar

To create an avatar in VRChat, you must first download the client.  Once you have done that, you are required to click on the “Create Avatar” tab on the top right corner of the screen.

The player can then customize their character’s appearance and equipment. Lastly, they can choose an area in which they want to play in Vrchat’s map.

Once the player is satisfied with their character, they can click on “SAVE” at the bottom of the screen to complete this process.

What are the different types of equipment?

There are different types of equipment in Vrchat.  They all have specific functions and help players alter their character’s appearance.

One type of equipment is known as hats, which give your character a hat that covers its hair and face.

Another type of equipment is known as “gear,” which gives your character head gear.

Furthermore, there are different types of weapons that alter the appearance of your character’s hands. Lastly, masks can be equipped onto characters’ faces to alter their appearance.

The future of VRChat

VRChat plans on expanding its boundaries by improving its already existing features.

Firstly, they plan on updating their appearance customization such as adding different hairstyles and giving the opportunity for players to customize more parts of their avatar.  

Secondly, VRChat plans on updating the chat UI design which currently has a basic interface that is not suitable for players.

Lastly, they plan on updating their map in order to improve the gameplay and add more places for players to enjoy and play in Vrchat’s world.

This expansion will create even more opportunities for players inside this virtual reality chat game, making it a fun way to play in a 3D space with other users.


The download link can be found at vrchat.com on their main page on the right side which says ‘play now’. Clicking this link will take you to the google play store, where you can download vrchat for free.