May 22, 2024

Introduction: How to Steal in MLB The Show 16

Focusing on the game’s PC and PS4 versions, this guide will show you how to steal a base in MLB The Show 16.

Stealing a base can be an elusive concept for many newcomers. It’s important to remember that stealing is not just about successfully running the bases when you’re close enough to home plate, it is also about reading your opponents’ movements and staying one step ahead of them.

This article will provide you with eight simple tips that will help you become a master thief when playing MLB The Show 16. From avoiding the shift to using your pitching arm wisely, these tips are guaranteed to help you steal more bases than ever before!

Keep in mind that it’s the pitcher’s arm that dictates how easy or how difficult it will be to steal a base. If pitchers on your team are known for their strong arms (e.g., Chris Archer), you’ll need to take them into account when considering whether or not to attempt an early steal of second, third, or even home.

The 8 Tips for Stealing in MLB The Show 16

Tip #1: Avoid the Shift ( PC/PS4 )

The first tip is simple, but it’s also the most important one. If you are playing on defense, never forget about how to use your pitcher’s arm strength against him by attacking his lack of range.

Tip #2: Analyze the Situation ( PC/PS4 )

When playing defense, take note of how many outs there currently are and how full the bases are before attempting to steal a bag. The idea is simple; if there are no outs and there are empty bases, then it’s more likely that you will successfully steal a base.

Tip #3: Use Your Pitcher’s Arm ( PC/PS4 )

Take advantage of how much pitchers rely on their arm when attempting to control the running game. This is especially true for fast outfield arms, which only increase the chances that you might successfully steal a base in MLB The Show 16.

Tip #4: Keep Your Eye on the Base ( PC/PS4 )

As a base runner, it’s key that you know how far away the next baseman is from the bag when attempting to steal. The more space you can create between him and the base, the higher your chances of successfully stealing a base in MLB The Show 16.

Tip #5: Fake a Steal ( PS4 )

If you are able to successfully fake out the opposing team by using your speed and agility, there’s a chance that they’ll get more reckless and make mistakes. This can create space that you can then use to successfully steal a base in MLB The Show 16.

Tip #6: Slide into First ( PC/PS4 )

If your attempt to steal a base fails and you get caught, there’s no need to give up on trying to reach first base safely. Always be prepared to play the safety slide, and then you’ll be in good shape to successfully steal second base.

Tip #7: Use How Many Outs There Are ( PC/PS4 )

Keep in how how many outs there are at the time how you decide to try and steal a base. If there are no outs, then it’s always worth moving on how the next base since the opportunity will not present howself again for some time.


As MLB The Show games continue to evolve, so does the way people manage their players. Now with running being introduced for batting, there are many players who choose to run all the time. On the other hand, some players like Mike Trout prefer stalking after seeing how effective it was at clearing bases in the game.